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English Promotion - Long Term Strategy

Опубликовано: 12.12.2019

So, it’s clear that in order to get the site to the top, you need to follow the steps to buy links, or post them forever. But many act in a different way - they make thematic grid sites and with the help of them promote their projects.

Site grids are the same satellites, only with high-quality content and which do not sell links in stock brokers. Links from such sites are placed on the main project, and after a while you can do nothing at all if the grid is large and the main project is in the top of search engines. You may also be interested in 50 free likes, more detailed information can be viewed by clicking on the link.

How to monetize these grids?

The answer is very simple - the main project that you pulled into the top grid sites. Often this works very well and most importantly is very promising.

Thus, you need to start the promotion by building a grid of sites from the old domains that are in Dmoz, so that later you spend less on pumping these same domains. Next, you need unique content, you can buy it or give a task to the copywriter. I am using the second option.

I do all the thematic grid sites on wordpress, which are filled with unique text daily in the first month. The second month, already 2-3 times a week.

There is no need to chase quantity, quality and subject matter are important. I focus on quality.

The pumping of such sites begins with a run through the English-language social networks, then two weeks later under article directories. I do not make many sites, but they give a good effect in promoting the main one.

One hundred sites with PR 3-6 (main pages), which are constantly being filled and developed, can pull out a couple of dozen high-frequency queries of the most complex topics that will bring you profit from the main site.

Over time, when there will be good traffic on these sites, it can be converted to contextual advertising. And also, using the existing grid, upgrade new sites without the cost of running through social networks and article directories.

How to change the grid?

There are many different methods, the most important thing is not to use rings, and all that Google can see on the machine and impose sanctions on your sites. There will be separate posts about the linking, a very inconsistent topic, but there are some ways that transfer weight and under no circumstances are banned.


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